If you've ever loved a baby, had a baby or                 been a baby, then you'll love...


                                                                BABIES: The Musical

...which is basically "A Chorus Line" in a hospital nursery! Babies from one day to two weeks old talk, dance and sing about their hopes, dreams, pre-natal experiences, families and just about anything else that pops into their new little heads! After debuting for two sold-out seasons at the Charlottetown Festival P.E.I, BABIES has also been produced in Toronto, Ottawa, and Brampton Ontario, as well as Sydney, Australia.

Listen to both acts of BABIES. For Act One click BABIES ACT ONE

For Act Two click BABIES ACT TWO


Babies pretending to hunt down Sid 'the rotten kid'.



Sid enjoys teasing the other babies.



Melanie sings "Little Accident" which explains how she got here!



Composer, lyricist and writer Cliff Jones backstage with singing star Anne Murray

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